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Program Guidelines

Program Qualifications

We have a two-part application process for our Homeownership Program. The first step is to start financial counseling. This is currently done through Habitat for Humanity of Michigan, HFHM. They have HUD certified financial counselors on their staff. They will have you fill out an intake packet that goes over your current income and expenses and pull a credit report. They are looking to see if you are currently mortgage ready or not. If you are not, they will help you through the steps to become mortgage ready. They are also able to let both us and you know what an affordable mortgage payment would be for you. You can start the process by filling out the intake packet here-

The following three fold criteria is used for all programs at Blue Water Habitat for Humanity.  The extent of each qualification varies by program.  It is best to speak with a family services representative before disqualifying yourself.  Please note, all programs offered through Blue Water Habitat for Humanity require some form of payback.   For homeownership the payback is in the form of a home mortgage; for repair programs the payback varies depending on repair and applicant.  


At least one of these conditions must be present:

     *Inadequate shelter--problems with heat, water, electricity, etc.; inadequate number or size of bedrooms to accommodate family needs; unsafe living conditions.

     *Inadequate resources--lack of personal resources to buy, rent, build or repair adequate shelter; inability to qualify for VA, FHA, conventional or governmental loan programs. Or your current housing cost exceeds 30% of your monthly gross income.



1. Fall within Blue Water Habitat for Humanity of Sanilac and Saint Clair Counties’ income guidelines, which is between 40-60% of median income, adjusted for family size and updated annually.

2. Record of stable employment and/or other income for one or more years.

3. Enough projected income to pay house payment, insurance, taxes.
  You must also be able to pay for utilities and all maintenance and repairs.

4. Ability to pay a minimum down payment of 1% (one-time expense).

5. Projected housing expenses will be less than or equal to 30% of gross monthly income.

6. Existing long-term debt is less than or equal to 40% of gross monthly income.

7. Payment of the Credit Report Fee ($30 one-adult;$40 two-adults, $30 each adult over the initial two) must be
 received in order to process the homeownership application. 

8. Background Check Fee- $10.00 per person over 18 years old in the household, payable at application turn-in.


All of the following must be met:

*Eagerness- Fill our appropriate application or pre-screen for the programs listed below:

     -Homeownership Program Criteria and Application:  Click Here

     -Home Repair Program Criteria and Application Click Here

     -Return requested material in a timely manner

     -Participation in informational meetings (homeownership)

     -Completion of additional paperwork in timely manner



     -Of sweat equity policy for applicant, co-applicant and other household members

     -Of Habitat's house design policy

     -Of financial responsibility of home maintenance and care

     -Of the expectations in the letter of acceptance

     -Of the importance of monthly, on time mortgage/loan payments, without default

     -Of BWHFH's need for willing and active partners, during and after the construction, rehabilitation or repair of your Habitat project.